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Selecting Your Building Site

Building a new home presents numerous challenges and opportunities. However, when you start your project with the choice of the right site to develop, this will go a long way in determining your project’s overall success.

Selecting a Builder

There are thousands of builders out there to choose from when planning to build your home. Sometimes, getting first-hand reviews from their past clients is an excellent way to determine the right professionals.

Selecting a Designer

Are you thinking about building your new home? Or are you already working on it? Whether you are building a new home or planning to remodel an existing structure, you need a home designer’s services alongside your architect and a draftsman.

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My husband and I have built with Tim several times now, and highly recommend them to others as we have found them to provide a high-quality product at a very reasonable price and in a reasonable timeframe. We have found all of their staff to be very professional, friendly and attentive to detail. The team is well led by Tim, who we have always found to be very knowledgeable, honest and helpful. Tim is very experienced across all aspects of the building process and in particular, we have received many good suggestions from Tim in regard to the cost implications of different design features. Overall we would highly recommend Tim, whether it be for building someone’s first home to a certain budget, all the way through to building someone’s custom style dream home.

– Kate Fitzgerald

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